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How can I change my personal information in the professional guide?

If you want to modify any data in the professional guide, please contact Filming Almeria at telephone number: 950 211 711 or email:

How to get shooting permits?

The shooting application form for Provincial roads whose jurisdiction corresponds to Almería County Council, downloadable here

It is necessarily to address the completed form to Almería Provincial Council General Registry, also admitting receiving by regular or certified mail to the mentioned registry.

Is it necessary to pay any fees or deposit to shoot in the roads of the Province?

Yes, with the application it must be paid a general fee 24,10 €. Also have to pay a deposit of 600 € per each road you request for permission.

Can be requested permission to shoot on several roads in the same application?

Yes, but you have to pay deposits as many roads are requested.

How long does it take to obtain a permit?

There is no estimated fixed time, although you usually get in about 10 days.

When is the deposit returned?

The deposit is returned after the end of the shooting,on previous request and register as a thirdy part of the applicant and of course once found out that roads have not been damaged.

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